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The Paper Tigers

Fallen legends, faded friendships, and a heartwarming homecoming; The Paper Tigers hits a lot of the familiar touchstones for Kung Fu cinema while making them feel fresh, funny, and full of heart. The new underdog martial arts comedy from debut feature filmmaker Quoc Bao Tran follows three former friends who used to be kings of their local Kung Fu scene, known as the unbeatable “Paper Tigers”, and find their way back to each other after the death of their former master. Fueled by a tremendous trio of leads, Tran’s light touch, and tightly choreographed fight scenes, The Paper Tigers is an absolute delight of feel-good fun and a welcome reminder that you’re never too old to “grow up” and fulfill your promise.

Alain Uy stars as Danny, formerly his master’s most promising disciple, who grew up to be an overbooked and inconsiderate workaholic. Far removed from the local legend he used to be in the fighting scene, Danny struggles to make time for his son, lies to his ex-wife, and is obviously failing to teach his son the values he learned in the dojo. But when his old friend Hing (Ron Yuan, a total scene-stealer with impeccable timing and line delivery) shows up with the bad news that their beloved but estranged former master Sifu Cheung (Roger Yuan) has died, they track down Jim (Mykel Shannon Jenkins), the third leg of their once-mighty trio, and reunite for the funeral.

Duration: 108 min


IMDb: 7.8

The Paper Tigers